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Manipulator Arms Bound for Afghanistan Evaluation

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RE2, Inc. to Deliver Robotic Manipulator Arms to Afghanistan for Evaluation

(Source: RE2, Inc.; issued January 18, 2012)

PITTSBURGH, PA --- RE2, Inc. announced today that more than 100 units of the Company's DS1-MA Manipulator Arm will be delivered to MacroUSA Corporation for integration onto the Armadillo Micro Unmanned Ground Vehicle (MUGV).

One-hundred of those units will be shipped to Afghanistan for user testing and evaluation in early 2012. The complete robotic system will provide general Infantry with a dismounted light-weight, yet robust MUGV.

The Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) within the Department of Defense plans to evaluate the DS1-MA and Armadillo as a part of a Joint Urgent Operational Need (JUON) request for improved man-transportable robotic capabilities. Troops in Afghanistan require a light-weight man-transportable and throwable robot that can be used to clear structures, perform reconnaissance missions, and counter IEDs during dismounted operations.

"The delivery of more than one-hundred of our DS1-MA robotic manipulator arms marks a milestone in the Company's history. Part of our mission is to develop usable technology that is deployed and used by our troops in order to save lives," stated Jorgen Pedersen, president and CEO of RE2. "This product evaluation is a critical step toward greater adoption of our manipulation technology in the field."

The DS1-MA is a modular payload that improves the mobility and utility of the Armadillo. The DS1-MA is a strong lightweight manipulator arm, weighing roughly four pounds with a lift capacity of up to ten pounds. The DS1-MA includes an actuated camera mast that provides the operator with a bird's eye view while manipulating objects, an elevated vantage point while driving, and ability to look under motor vehicles. The entire man-transportable system, including the Armadillo Micro UGV, DS1-MA manipulator arm, and Operator Control Unit, can be easily broken down in seconds.

RE2 is a leading developer of Intelligent Modular Manipulation Systems. RE2's mission is to advance the state of the art of mobile manipulation. RE2's development efforts are focused on creating plug-n-play manipulation systems and end-effectors that are interoperable with existing and next-generation robotic platforms. RE2's products include the RE2 Family of Manipulators, RE2 Family of Quick Releases, ForeRunner UGV, and Robotics Engineering Services.