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French Air Force Reaper Drone Crashes in Niger

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Operation Barkhane: Drone Accident

(Source: French Defence Staff; updated Nov 17, 2018)

(Unofficial English translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)

On November 17, 2018, around 1:00 am, Paris time, Niamey air base lost contact with a Reaper drone belonging to Barkhane Force which was returning to base after completing a mission.

The drone crashed in a desert area a few kilometers from the runway, without causing any injuries.

The exact reasons for this accident are not known. An investigation to determine its causes has been opened.

This is the first accident of a French Reaper drone since the type entered service in January 2014 with the French Air Force operating in Africa’s Sahel-Saharan band.

French Reaper drones have flown more than 23,000 hours since being put into operational service.