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‘Autonomous Warrior’ Set for Intensive Fortnight

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‘Autonomous Warrior’ Set for Intensive Fortnight

(Source: Royal Australian Navy; issued Nov 14, 2018)

More than 500 people from 47 companies and officers from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and UK, NATO and regional militaries have convened at HMAS Creswell for the largest autonomous military exercise ever conducted by western allies.

After a week of unloading and installations, Exercise AUTONOMOUS WARRIOR 2018 (AW18) is all set to begin pushing the capabilities of unmanned and robotic systems in real-world scenarios.

Navy Lead for AW18, Commander Paul Hornby, said the large undertaking demonstrates how effectively Defence, industry and Australia’s academic community can come together with the common aim of developing trusted autonomous systems.

“HMAS Creswell has been a hive of activity with participants working hard to establish a Command and Control headquarters, prepare and test platforms and make the game-changing links between the control systems,” Commander Hornsby said.

“So far we have demonstrated our ability to control systems remotely from a headquarters stood up within days and run concurrent air, land, sea and cyber operations.

“Integrating various machines through common control systems is no small feat and the willingness for companies to share platforms to provide a warfighting effect is encouraging for the future.

“The trials and demonstrations of technologies over the next two weeks will provide the Australian Defence Force and Defence Science and Technology invaluable data to better understand the full potential of future systems.

“The series of scenarios we have designed will test the limits of current capabilities, and both Defence and industry will learn more about integrating unmanned platforms into operational environments.”

AUTONOMOUS WARRIOR features scientific trials, industry demonstrations and exercises in-service unmanned vehicles and vessels to examine the potential of trusted autonomous systems in support of Defence operations.