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Finland to Expand Military’s Powers to Defend Against Drones

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Government Proposal Submitted to Parliament on the Powers of the Defence Forces to Respond to UAS Threats

(Source: Finnish Ministry of Defence; issued May 31, 2018)

The Government submitted today a proposal to Parliament that would add new provisions to the Act on the Defence Forces. As stated in the Government programme, changes in the security environment and new threats require new kind of readiness and preparedness from the entire society. This applies, in particular, to new and large-scale threats, such as the defence against hybrid attacks. The proposal promotes the implementation of the foreign and security policy principles of the Government Programme.

Especially military actors representing a foreign power and parties acting on their behalf create a threat to the Defence Forces, and the proposed amendments focus on protection against them. It is possible to use drones and unmanned aircraft to prevent the Defence Forces from operating because of the properties, intended use, structure or load of the device. The Defence Forces has recognized the threat posed by unmanned aircraft systems and sees it as significant.

The amendments will provide the Defence Forces with powers to intervene with the route of drones and unmanned aircraft with a technical equipment or use of force, if the device causes a serious threat to national defence or the Defence Forces’ operations.

The act would contain provisions on the powers in and outside of the areas used by the Defence Forces. When operating in a public place, operating practices would always require prior agreement with the police. The proposal also takes account of the cooperation with the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority and other authorities.

The legislative proposals are to enter into force as soon as possible.