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EDA Awards Contract for Unmanned Naval System

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New Unmanned Maritime Systems Contract Signed

(Source: European Defence Agency; issued Nov. 24, 2011)

BRUSSELS --- Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt (FFI - Norway) has been contracted by EDA on behalf of Norway, Italy and Germany for the execution of the Collaborative R&T project Conformal Array Performance Estimation (CAPEM). CAPEM has a duration of 48 months, value of 4.75 Million Euro and is part of the EDA Unmanned Maritime Systems (UMS) R&T programme.

Technically the project aims at improving sonar performance by reducing the effects of self-induced noise and providing tools for developing conformal hydrophone arrays. The work will involve both simulation and experimental measurements with an unmanned underwater vehicle.

To perform the research, FFI has teamed with CNR-INSEAN (Italy), ATLAS ELEKTRONIK (Germany), FUGRO GEOTEAM (Norway), Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany) and WTD-71 (Germany).

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