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Chinese Unmanned Aircraft Stand Out at Dubai Airshow

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Chinese Developed Unmanned Planes Stand Out at Dubai Airshow

(Source: CGTN.COM; issued Nov 14, 2017)

Two Chinese-developed series of unmanned planes have become highlights of the ongoing Dubai Airshow.

The series of planes are called "Wing Loong" and "Yunying". During the airshow, the full-scale models of the planes are on display to the public for the first time.

To let visitors learn more about the advanced technologies used in the operation systems of the unmanned planes, the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) has put up a simulative operation system in the exhibition center. Visitors can give orders to the virtual unmanned planes, and in response, the planes will take actions accordingly.

For example, the simulative unmanned planes can strike the targets precisely after receiving orders.

Two Chinese-developed series of unmanned planes attracted a lot of attention at the ongoing Dubai Airshow; the "Wing Loong" and "Yunying" full-scale models of the planes were displayed for the first time. (CCTV video)

"We have made an overall plan to develop an operation system of unmanned planes. The technologies we used in the planes' aircraft platforms, impetus supply systems, data links, task devices and assault weapons, are all of our proprietary intellectual property rights. We integrate the advanced technologies in one system to meet users' demands. The unmanned planes showed the development and improvement of our country in relevant technologies," said Wang Yingxun, a Chinese expert in unmanned planes.

The unmanned planes also attracted many foreign visitors, especially those devoted to developing technologies of unmanned aerial vehicles.

"We are looking forward to this type of products. We are searching in the market and of course, it is one of options," said Faisal, from Pakistani military.

In addition to the unmanned planes, the AVIC also exhibited a number of Chinese military planes such as "Fighter China No.1" and "Z-19E", and civil planes, such as "MA700".