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UK Releases New Joint Doctrine on UAV Operations

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Unmanned Aircraft Systems (JDP 0-30.2)

(Source: UK Ministry of Defence; issued Sept 12, 2017)

This publication guides operational commanders and planning staff in understanding the terminology, tasking and employment of the UK’s unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)

This Joint Doctrine Publication (JDP) describes, from a joint perspective, the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) at the operational level, while recognising that platform capability is provided by the individual services.

The JDP 0-30.2 includes UK and NATO terminology and definitions related to the operation of unmanned aircraft, and describes how each aircraft type is classified by size and capability.

This publication updates much of the information previously presented in Joint Doctrine Note (JDN) 2/11, The UK approach to unmanned aircraft systems, which is now withdrawn.

Click here for the full report (84 PDF pages) on UK Government website.