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New Unmanned Undersea Vehicle Boosts Swedish ASW Training

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The Submarine Hunt Can Start

(Source: Swedish defence materiel agency, FMV; issued June 8, 2016)

An unmanned underwater vehicle that acts as a target in anti-submarine warfare exercises with the Swedish Armed Forces. It is the basis of the agreement FMV has signed with Saab Dynamics, which ensures that the Swedish Armed Forces have access to a qualified ASW target for three years.

The service FMV offers the Swedish Armed Forces involves that the systems are owned by FMV, while Saab operates them. This means that the Swedish Armed Forces do not have to handle the systems or the systems ancillary requirements such as storage, maintenance and spare parts. The service will be developed in detail in close cooperation with Saab and the Swedish Armed Forces.

“The service will be available for three years during which we will evaluate it to see how we can proceed,” says Sara Hedberg, Project Manager at FMV.

When the unmanned vehicle AUV62-AT acts as target it is programmed with routes in accordance with the Swedish Armed Forces exercise setup. If needed, these routes can be changed and adapted during the exercises.

“Technically, the system can both transmit passive signatures as well as respond to active sonars. The system is pre-programmed with, for the exercise selected, target strengths and vessel lengths,” says Sara Hedberg.

The system allows the exercises to involve multiple sonars. This means that submarines, surface ships, helicopters and torpedoes can search for the target simultaneously.

“One important aspect of using an AUV62-AT as a target during ASW exercises instead of a real submarine is that it frees time for the submarines. Such time can be used for their own activities instead of acting as a target. Additionally, the AUV can move in shallow water, act as a midget submarine and change behavior over time, for example to simulate a torpedo attack.”

The system consists of an AUV62-AT (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Acoustic Target) with peripheral equipment such as chargers, carriages, planning computers, underwater modems and tails to simulate different sizes of underwater vehicles.

The craft has inherited much of its design from AUV62-MR Sapphires (Synthetic Aperture High Resolution Processing System), which was developed in collaboration between FOI, the Swedish Armed Forces, FMV and Saab Dynamics to map the sea floor of the Baltic Sea.

-- Length: 4.7 meters
-- Weight: About 750 kilos (depending on whether it is balanced for fresh or salt water)
-- Maximum speed: 12 knots
-- Batteries: Lithium Polymer