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Robonic Delivers Pneumatic Drone Launcher to Airbus DS

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Robonic Delivers Its 10th Pneumatic Drone Launcher to Airbus DS

(Source: Robonic Ltd Oy; issued Feb 29, 2016)

TAMPERE, Finland --- Robonic Ltd Oy (a subsidiary of Sagem - Safran) has delivered its tenth KONTIO MC2555LLR pneumatic launcher to Airbus Defence & Space (Direct Aerial Targets unit). This launcher reflects of the company’s drive to expand its range of products for the global target drone market.

“The delivery of this tenth KONTIO launcher to Airbus DS is an important milestone for our company,” said Robonic managing director Juha Moisio. “We have a long history in supporting the Airbus DS family of direct target products and systems, with deliveries starting in 2004. We work closely with Airbus DS to optimize our launchers to deliver the best possible performance for both land and sea operations.”

Robonic’s KONTIO is a highly transportable universal launcher capable of handling payloads across a wide range of weights and speeds, which makes it highly suitable for different types of targets or tactical unmanned aerial vehicles. Robonic has already demonstrated this capability in earlier tests, showing that the KONTIO launcher can launch air vehicles up to 110 kg with a 70 m/s exit velocity or alternatively a 500 kg payload at 37 m/s.

Robonic Ltd Oy, based in Tampere, Finland, is a Sagem (Safran) owned engineering company that operates as the premier unmanned air system launcher manufacturer in Europe. Robonic’s track record of pneumatic launching technology spans over three decades.

The company also operates a dedicated unmanned air vehicle flight test centre in Lapland at Kemijarvi, Finland.