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Global Hawk UAVs Deploy to Japan for Six Months

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RQ-4 Global Hawk Operates Eyes In the Sky

(Source: US Air Force 35th Fighter Wing; dated Aug. 28, 2015)

MISAWA AIR BASE, Japan --- Several R-Q4 Global Hawks and approximately 40 support and operations personnel are deployed to Misawa Air Base for the aircraft's second rotation here.

The Global Hawk supports U.S. intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions and contingency operations throughout the Pacific theater, and is scheduled to operate here through December 2015.

In theater, the Global Hawk can provide near real-time aerial imagery reconnaissance support to U.S. and partner nations assisting in a multitude of operations. This capability was effectively employed during Operation Tomodachi, a relief effort launched when a 9.0-magnitude earthquake resulted in a tsunami that ravaged northeastern Japan in 2011.

Several of these unmanned aircraft will operate out of Misawa until December 2015, and will provide a broad spectrum of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance collection capabilities in support of joint combatant forces in worldwide peacetime, contingency and crisis operations.