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French Company Signs MoU to Produce UAVs In India

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Signing of Agreement (MOU) for Manufacturing Tactical LH-D UAVs in India

(Source: LH Aviation; issued June 15, 2015)

After its first participation at the Bangalore Air Show AeroIndia 2015, in partnership with OIS-Advanced Technology Pvt. Ltd (OIS-AT), where LH Aviation presented its LH-D tactical UAV and ExplorAir45 rotary wing UAV, LH Aviation has signed an agreement (MOU) with OIS-AT to cooperate in establishing in India a manufacturing plant for the LH-D tactical UAV through an industrial license. This project should allow OIS to produce locally a hundred tactical LH-D UAVs, intended to the Indian market.

The LH-D is a multi-sensor tactical UAV, with automatic take-off and landing capabilities, developed from the LH-10 platform. With a payload of 280 kg and an autonomy of 24 hours, it offers its users a wide range of speeds from 61 knots to 185 knots, and has the ability to be reconfigured as a manned controlled version for escorts or missions over urban areas or to facilitate training missions or systems testing.

It can be deployed quickly thanks to its removable wings, it can also be sent onto any field of operation and be ready in less than one hour. Its operating cost of less than € 80 per hour of flight makes the LH-D the most cost-effective French UAV on the market.

“We were really amazed by the capabilities of LH Aviation LH-D when compared to other tactical UAVs on the market,” said Mr Bhandari, Chairman of the OIS group. “The LH-D displayed at AeroIndia 2015 was very well received by the Indian military and civilian authorities, especially since it will be manufactured locally which is a real advantage for the Indian market”.

“LH Aviation decided for its expansion abroad to focus exclusively on manufacturing partnerships and transfer of know-how with credible industrial partners, professionals of defence and security sectors, such as OIS-AT” declared Sebastien Lefebvre, President of LH Aviation.

LH Aviation is a French aircraft manufacturer located on the airfield of Melun-Villaroche, near Paris. Supported by the aviation investment fund Magellan Industries, the company produces a full range of aircrafts from the LH-10 Ellipse, an all-carbon tandem two-seater, dedicated to professional markets, to the Explorair 45 rotary drone and the LH-D tactical UAV.

The LH-10 Ellipse is the first aircraft in light aviation category to enable multi-mission and to put the concept of a “plug & play” aircraft within the reach of all countries. The LH-10 Ellipse combines operational efficiency, high technology, optimum utilisation and cost control.