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South Africa to Issue Regulations for Drones

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Aviation Authority Introduces Regulations for Drones

(Source: South Africa Govt Information Service; issued May 17, 2015)

PRETORIA --- The South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) will be introducing new regulations that will help regulate remotely piloted aircraft systems, popularly known as drones.

“These regulations have recently been signed by the Minister of Transport, Dipuo Peters, and will be published and implementable by 1 July,” SACAA Director Poppy Khoza said on Sunday.

Remotely piloted aircraft systems are aircraft that can fly without a pilot on board.

Speaking at a media briefing in Midrand, Khoza said the SACAA together with the Department of Transport as well as key industry role players collectively worked to develop the new regulations.

“In developing the regulations, the SACAA sourced and received valuable input from relevant state entities as well as industry role players including operators, manufactures and other airspace users,” she said.

Khoza said South Africa’s aviation safety and security setting is highly regarded throughout the world.

The rating by the International Civil Aviation Organisation for South Africa is above the 80 percent world average.

“This is the record we do not wish to compromise. In coming up with these regulations, the SACAA took into account the national safety and security needs into account,” she said.

The aviation authority also took an international position and customized it into the local regulations, taking into account, the country’s unique conditions and the views of stakeholders and airspace users.

“As the SACAA we are not claiming that these new regulations are static. Given the rapid pace of technological development in this area, we treat the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) regulatory framework as continual work in progress and hence we will continue to engage with industry to refine the regulations when, where and as deemed necessary,” Khoza said.

She urged all operators and airspace users to observe and comply with the new regulations.

“We should always remember that in aviation there is absolutely no room for errors….as errors usually result in the loss of lives,” Khoza said.

She said the aviation authority will conduct national industry workshops to discuss the implementation of the regulations.

The new regulations can be found from Tuesday on www.caa.co.za