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Spain to Focus On Procuring Existing UAVs/Sensors

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Spanish Forces to Focus On Procuring Existing UAVs/Sensors

(Source: Forecast International; issued Mar 24, 2015)

MADRID - In Spain's latest Plan Director de RPAS (RPAS Master Plan), the Directorate General of Armaments and Material has outlined a new UAV procurement strategy. The Spanish Army and Navy, due to budgetary constraints and the urgency for new systems, will now focus on existing UAV models instead of investment in new systems.

Forecast International believes this prioritization will also apply to the sensor suites those UAVs carry. The critical time horizon for procurement is 2020, with the forces' current RAVEN UAVs completing their lifecycle in 2019.

The two UAV models identified by the DGAM include Airbus Defence and Space's Atlante and Spanish company Indra's Pelican.

For Indra's Pelican, Cassidian will lead sensor development, including communication systems, EO sensors, IFF devices, and image exploitation software. Additionally, a collaboration between Cassidian and Thales is developing the AURA radar for strategic UAVs and the HORUS radar, both of which could be used on board the Pelican.

Cassidian Spain is also leading development of the Atlante, and, correspondingly, the UAV's sensor suite. While the sensor systems have not been announced, they will include options for automation, EO, radar, protection systems, and more.