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Qinetiq Unveils New Military Micro-Robot

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QinetiQ North America Introduces Micro-Robot for Military Missions Dragon Runner 10: The Ideal Robot for Dismounted Forces

(Source Qinetiq North America; issued Aug. 18, 2011)

RESTON, VA --- QinetiQ North America today announced the availability of a new Micro Unmanned Ground Vehicle (MUGV) for military and first responder robotic missions. At just over ten pounds, Dragon Runner 10 (DR10) is small enough to carry in an assault pack and rugged enough to throw into buildings and hostile environments. With multiple sensor and payload options, DR10 is ideal for reconnaissance and surveillance missions to support small military units, patrols and first responder teams.

The warfighter uses a wearable controller to send DR10 in first, to assess the situation in advance. Whether it’s being driven or thrown into a potentially hostile area, DR10 can quickly gain situational awareness and report information back to the operator. Its day and night sensors enable DR10 to serve as the team’s forward eyes and ears, while carrying out critical missions such as Explosive Ordnance Disposal, setting counter-IED charges, delivering remote sensors, gathering intelligence and conducting surveillance.

“Military robotic missions save lives, and if possible, it’s better to send the robot in first,” said QinetiQ North America Technology Solutions Group President JD Crouch. “Dragon Runner 10 is a practical solution that makes it easier to carry and operate sophisticated robots in theater.”

DR10 is 15” long, 13.5” wide and 5.8” tall. When thrown, DR10 has the ability to automatically flip video images, antennae and controls upon landing. Multiple payloads are available, including a variety of sensors, radios, cameras and robotic arms. DR10 can be equipped with either tracked or wheeled mobility options to negotiate various types of terrain.

QinetiQ North America is a world leader in robotic technology solutions that save lives in defense, security and first responder environments. QinetiQ North America (QNA) is a subsidiary of QinetiQ Group plc. Operating in North America, QNA delivers world-class technology, responsive services, and innovative solutions for global markets, focusing on US government and commercial customers. QNA is headquartered in McLean, Virginia.