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Drone Trials Campaign on Commandant Bouan

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Drone Trials Campaign on Commandant Bouan

(Source: French navy; issued July 09, 2014)

(Issued in French only; unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)

A Survey Copter DVF 2000 mini unmanned aerial vehicle is caught by the recovery net fitted to the rear deck of Commandant Bouan, a French navy corvette displacing about 1,400 tonnes, during a series of trials carried out in early July. (French navy photo)

Between July 01 and 03, 2014, the French navy, in cooperation with the DGA defence procurement agency, carried out a series of drone trials on the Commandant Bouan corvette [which displaces 1,400 tonnes fully loaded—Ed.]

The main objective of these trials was to evaluate the recovery by net of mini fixed-wing UAVs on a vessel that is not equipped with a landing platform. They were also intended to identify the main constraints to the integration and operation of such systems at sea.

The UAV system used for the trials was the Survey Copter DVF 2000.

The flights were carried out by contractor personnel under the supervision of DGA’s center of technological excellence and of CEPA/10S, and with the active participation of the ship’s crew.

The objectives were attained, as several recoveries were made in automatic mode using the net, in sea states up to Force 3.

The results of these trials, which are still being analyzed, will enrich ongoing evaluations by the navy staff on the operating concept of small shipborne UAVs.

They will be extended in coming years with other drone types operating from ships of different classes and sizes.