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InRobSys Sets Up Shop in France

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INROBSYS Sets Up Shop In France

(Source: Inrobsys Ltd.; issued Oct. 30, 2013)

LONDON, England --- Integral Robotics Systems Services Ltd (INROBSYS Ltd), a UK provider of unmanned vehicle service packages, today announced the establishment of its French subsidiary, INROBSYS France.

Based near Bordeaux, in the heart of France’s robotics industry cluster, INROBSYS France will market its full unmanned vehicle service packages throughout metropolitan France as well as in French Overseas Territories and French-speaking States worldwide, whilst INROBSYS Ltd mainly but not exclusively serves the Commonwealth and South America.

The company will have access to a varied fleet of Remotely Piloted Aircraft and Autonomous Air, Ground and Marine Vehicles which it will operate on behalf of its customers’ missions, for one-off operations as well as to meet long-term requirements.

INROBSYS Ltd and INROBSYS France deliver turnkey services which include provision of equipment, operators, financing and support, and do not require any customer input once the requirement is defined and contracted.

The use of proven unmanned or robotised systems allow INROBSYS to perform missions which cannot be carried out through direct human intervention, or when a human can operate only at unacceptable risks and/or at comparative negative costs. Whilst mainly focussing their activities on commercial and non-governmental missions, both INROBSYS Ltd and INROBSYS France can also meet Homeland Security and Defence requirements such as critical infrastructure surveillance, observing and recording military training areas and exercises, or more specific tasks which require discreet, tailor-made services, such as monitoring CBRN incidents.

INROBSYS meets the largest possible spectrum of robotics requirements by offering bespoke and wet lease service packages, on fully-flexible timescales. Its operations are backed up by its own global supplier chain with the most highly-skilled, trustworthy and duly certified Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

In addition to its core service as an operator of unmanned vehicles, INROBSYS also acts as a hardware supplier and as a financier, arranging medium- and long-term renting or leasing schemes.

INROBSYS France SAS is chaired by Dr Bruno LG Carré, formerly Managing Director of Gracemoor Consultants (UK) Ltd. Its registered office is currently in suburban Bordeaux, but the company will soon move to commercial and technical premises located in the Bordeaux Mérignac Aéroparc area, the aerospace/UAV operating zone. For more information, go to http://www.inrobsys.fr

INROBSYS Ltd. is based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, United Kingdom and has its commercial offices in London. For more information, go to http://www.inrobsys.com