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Delft University Claims Smallest Autopilot

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University of Delft Makes Smallest Drones

(Source: Dutch News In English- Netherlands; issued August 27, 2013)

DELFT --- Researchers at the University of Delft have made the smallest auto-pilot to date. Drones can as a result be smaller, carry more cameras and fly for longer.

The new automatic pilot for unmanned planes has been successfully tested. It weighs 1.9 grams and measures two by two centimetres. The predecessor of the Lisa/S still weighed 31.9 grams.

"Our goal is to make Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs) so small and light eventually that every fireman can wear one on his own,” said researcher Bart Remes. "And we want to make MAVs just as common as smart phones and laptops. Farmers, for example, can use the planes for checking crops.”